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Hello, welcome to our store. We are Abby and Gabby, the Abbagabb twins, proud business owners of AbgT Shop! We hand make items to cater to your inner boss. We have something for everyone. We hope you can find your next favorite piece exploring our collection to help elevate your style.Click to Watch📽️

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Black & Yellow Collection

Inspired by our big brother DEFENSIVE BACK for the IOWA HAWKEYES Deavin Hilson. We are proud to introduce his products in his ALL NEW NIL STORE. SHOP


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#20 RB(initially), Defensive Back, Special Teams

Class: Junior

6' 1", 192 lbs


Deavin Hilson, despite only playing two games during his shortened senior year at Des Moines North High School in 2020, impressed Kirk Ferentz enough on AND off the field to break barriers and earn a way to pay for his education. He is the first D1 player from North High in over 30 years and the very first to sign at a POWER 5 school since 1970. Hilson in that same year paired with four other student captains to organize a 7 on 7 touch football tournament that brought many people together at the height of the pandemic when football was no longer an option. Deavin Hilson started as(RB, currently Corner Back & SPECIAL TEAMS) continues to break barriers and is representing the city of Des Moines.

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 Hello, we are 11 year old twins Abby & Gabby better known as the Abbagabb Twinz. We started this journey in 2020 as a way to help during the coronavirus pandemic. With all the turmoil happening right now today and with most of our usual fun places we typically attend to release energy and have fun are mostly closed, Abby and Gabby thought it would be nice to show them a way to have fun and be creative indoors by sharing our designs and products that help protect ourselves and others while remaining cute and stylish. Our masks, scrunchies, and hair accessories and skirts listed on The AbgT Shop are 100% handmade by us...oh and mommy. We hope you enjoy wearing our products as much as we did creating them just for YOU!